Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glock Glock........ Who's there?

Yes Glock.

I have just acquired a new pistol; a .40cal Glock 22 and It came with 4 mags and a holster.

As this is my first .40cal I was unsure what to expect in the way of performance, so to test it properly I picked up two boxes (100 rounds) of American Eagle .40 Cal 165 Grain FMJ.

Glock's claim to fame is that the ergonomic design and light weight allows for accurate shooting in even the most inexperienced shooters. With that in mind I performed my own blind study and invited someone with no firearms experience to join me in my test.

The targets we used were sketched pictures of a mans head, with a tin cup balanced on his hat on an 11"x 14" paper. I opted to use the 25m outdoor range at my club.
After the range flags were up and a brief safety refresher, we were live.

The Noobie went first.

I was pleasantly surprised that 6 of his first 10 shots hit the paper. The location of the hits indicated to me what he was doing wrong. Adjusting his grip and coaching him on technique, he hit 9 out of 10 on the target.

We spent the next hour blasting off the remaining 80 rounds.
Played two hands of pistol poker (shooting at playing cards to get the best hand), to which I am happy to report I am still undefeated (eh Oggie) and had a great afternoon.
Thanks to my Dad for being my Test Noob. I know he had a good time too.

Overall IMO the .40cal Glock 22 stands up to its already solid reputation and is my new favorite handgun.

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